A ginger-based drink like no other.

IngwerTRINK is great-tasting natural activation.

We are pretty confident that our IngwerTRINK is different to anything that you will have tasted before. It’s so much more than just a ginger-based drink. In fact, it isn’t really a drink in the conventional sense, but you can still savour it sip for sip. Day after day.

For us, IngwerTRINK is the very first product to bring together ancient monastic knowledge of the beneficial power of natural ginger and carefully selected ingredients to create a whole new taste sensation.

You will see what is truly unique about our IngwerTRINK as soon as you take a sip: real ginger pieces. They are what make IngwerTRINK so unmistakable. That’s because we do not use any pressed juice, any purée or any concentrate. Instead, the drink is made from 100% fresh organic ginger that has been carefully hand-peeled and finely sliced. Thanks to this gentle production process, the ginger pieces remain rich in valuable ingredients that would otherwise be lost. Take your time when chewing and let the ginger release its rich flavour.

As a result, you can actively equip yourself to face the challenges, both big and small, that day-to-day life might throw at you. Simply drink a small glass every day – and you will benefit from perfect natural support to help you lead a healthy and conscious lifestyle. Your body will thank you for it.

How to enjoy IngwerTRINK:

• A glass a day on its own (2 cl)
• Diluted with mineral water as a refreshing beverage
• As a special something in your tea
• As a mixer
• As an aperitif or a digestif