Unique vitalisation.

The original with all the power of ginger. A glass a day on its own (2 cl)

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About Kloster Kitchen.

Who we are and what we do.

When a collection of old monastic recipes came into my life at just the right time, it was not only a turning point – it was also the birth of Kloster Kitchen.

One of these recipes was for an invigorating ginger-based drink. I was curious, gave it a try and started experimenting. The longer this went on, the more interested I became in ginger as a plant and the many positive effects it is said to have on health and well-being.

I not only read many old texts, but also consulted the very latest scientific publications. All the while, the idea for our very first product was gradually evolving: IngwerTRINK.

Several years of testing and learning have gone by since then – and the ancient monastic knowledge has been used to make a completely revolutionary drink. And on a personal note, I started living a new, balanced and healthy life. I – and everyone else at Kloster Kitchen – would like to share this knowledge and experience with you.

Kind regards,

Maja Unterschrift
Maja Wasa


Our actions. And the principles that guide them.

Values matter.

We are neither revolutionaries nor romantics, but we do believe that business activities and mutual respect go hand in hand. Therefore, we are guided by set principles in everything we do here at Kloster Kitchen. In turn, these principles are rooted in values that should be self-evident: fairness, responsibility and sustainability.

As a customer, you can always count on these values – not just when it comes to our products, but in respect of everything we do as a company. This encompasses a fair and respectful relationship with our suppliers, partners and employees, as well as the responsible use of nature and its resources. In concrete terms, this means that we not only source all our ingredients from certified organic cultivation, but also never stop thinking about ways to improve our activities and our carbon footprint.

We therefore strive to use packaging materials that do not harm the environment. This starts with our decision to fill IngwerTRINK in glass bottles, rather than aluminium cans, for instance. It continues with the recycled papers we use for posters, flyers and brochures, not to mention the renewable energy we use to power our website – and does not end there.

Natural vitalisation – combined with a unique taste. With IngwerTRINK, we have put a whole new spin on ancient monastic knowledge. Discover and savour the invigorating effect of the bioactive substances contained in ginger.

Whilst IngwerTRINK is available from our online shop, the number of outlets stocking it is growing all the time. Find a retailer near you!

A long road, an ambitious goal, a unique drink – one that is made with love. Carry on reading here to find out why our IngwerTRINK is the way it is.

We only use carefully selected ingredients from certified organic cultivation. That’s because we take fairness and sustainability seriously. You can find out all about our ingredients here.